Brilliant Economics

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Simplicity is brilliance

Economics as practiced are dumb and complicated. Applying Brilliant Economics, as explained below, will lead to ever greater prosperity and will prevent any future recession. The United States economy has gone from First to Worst in a couple of decades due to massive corruption in governments at all levels of jurisdiction. 

There are 4 extremely powerful economic insights that will turn the current Stupid Economics into Brilliant Economics and will create the highest level of prosperity ever seen within just 4 years after implementation of Brilliant Economics. .

Here are 4 persistent myths of Stupid Economics that hold the economy back and allow it to be dragged into recession:

1.The GDP myth

Measuring economic performance of a country with GDP is perhaps the biggest myth and the biggest mistake. That mistake prevents economists from implementing the most simple and brilliant economic methods that will guide the economy into optimum prosperity. Big, big mistake.

2. Rewarding failure

The myth that stimulating the economy is best done by rewarding certain failing segments of the economy with billions of taxpayer money to keep them from going into bankruptcy. Big mistake, because if you reward failure and punish success you will get more failure and less success. The money with which you reward failure is money you take away from successful segments of the economy.

3. The printing money myth

The myth  that you cannot print money is a huge mistake. We are told by the bankers that own the Federal Reserve (nothing Federal about it, the FED is privately owned by big international banks that dictate their economic "advice" to Congress and the White House) that printing money will create hyper inflation but that printing bonds and other financial instruments and borrowing money against them is magically not creating inflation. Big mistake because bringing borrowed money into the economy creates exactly the same amount of inflation as printed money does. The reality is that borrowed money creates debt and interest payments on that debt. The National Debt must be repaid by future generations and interest has to be paid on it. We  do not need a corrupt privately owned "FederalReserveBank", Nothing federal about it and there are no reserves. "We the People" need to end the "FED" that was so very secretly and corruptly created by Congress on December 23rd 1913. We need to have the Government owned CentralBank of the USA that prints (creates) our currency as it is mandated by our Constitution.  

Our own created money creates inflation at exactly the same rate as borrowed money, but it creates no debt that we have to pay back because WeThePeople created the currency ourselves and therefor is ours. We do not borrow it from anybody, so we do not need to pay it back and we do not pay interest on money that is ours. Those clever bankers that own the FED have totally bamboozled all of us. Borrowed money actually creates even more debt because the enormous interest that has to be paid on the debt must usually be borrowed as well and as such adds to the National Debt. Current interest payments on government debt at Federal and local levels combined is billions and likely even trillions per year all to be paid to the bankers that give the economic advise to our governments. And "We the People" are led by the nose down the path of poverty and American decline while we are constantly told that we are still the most powerfull Nation on Earth and not that we are the stupid people with a Nation in decline with the largest debt on Earth. But we keep allowing the FED to do its corruption because other countries are in the same vice grip of their own privately operated CentralBanks.

4. The “no control” over the economy myth

There is the myth that the economy is like a mysterious organism that will do exactly what it wants and that it cannot be bridled and directed to do what we want it to do. This myth is quite useful as an excuse for all the blunders economists make and for politicians in power, because it absolves them from all blame when things go wrong. They will however take credit when things go a bit better and they immediately will cream off the economy with higher taxes and higher FED interest rates. The truth is that with Brilliant Economics the economy can be very accurately fine-tuned into a predictably functioning optimized prosperous economy.

Ignorance or corruption?
I am wondering in fact whether all the economic stupidity from governments is as a result of ignorance or deliberate corruption to enslave and impoverish 99.9% of the people for the benefit of the fewer than 0.1% of the most powerful people that control and direct the whole American economy. Most likely it is as a results of ignorance from most politicians and corruption from a minority of politicians that line their pockets with the bribes from special interest groups that lobby the politicians for special favors that strengthen and perpetuate their monopoly positions in the economy. The result from this combination of ignorance and corruption is that the general public is robbed of a sizeable percentage of its productive output and the majority of the working public is prevented from creating the very prosperous economy that can be created with Brilliant Economics. As a result of ignorance and of course corruption, governments have created time wasting mandates and laws that facilitate the economy destroying behavior practiced by certain special interest monopolies within the economy. All of this corruption is allowed under the current Mediocre Economics.

The economy is all about time management
Time is our only asset. Use it or lose it. Use it correctly to create prosperity. Governments routinely promote and support time wasting activities and suppress economy strengthening activities. The way in which we use our time determines how well the economy is doing and what our standard of living will be.

Example of Mediocre Economics
About 20% of the working people create all the goods and services that 100% of the working people desire. And the other 80% create absolutely nothing that we would like to spend our money on if we had a choice. Many of these 80% of people sit in multi story offices in small cubicles and the only product they produce is dirty paper. They start out with clean paper in the morning and all they have to show for is dirty paper in the afternoon. They multiply  that dirty paper a few times at the copy machine and then fold it neatly into envelopes, put a stamp on each envelope and mail the dirty paper to other offices elsewhere in the country where the dirty paper is neatly filed in file cabinets for the next 7 years before it is ordered destroyed and is sredded by an expensive document shredding service.
GDP is a useless number
Under the current Mediocre Economics all governments add this dirty paper production and other useless production into its GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Under Mediocre Economics GDP is assumed to be the basic measure of an economy's economic performance. GDP is one of the main stupidities of current Mediocre Economics that leads to many of the disastrous economic decisions that governments make.

GDP is roughly defined as the sum of all goods and services plus bads and disservices combined or the combined total of useful wanted and useless unwanted products and services. Obviously wanted goods and wanted services can be used to determine how well an economy is doing but adding useless unwanted products and unwanted services certainly is a fatal mistake because  the useless products and useless services are pulling the economy down and should be excluded from the GDP. This fatal GDP mistake leads to important policy mistakes that pull the economy down some more such as politicians wanting to pass policies and laws that will increase the GDP regardless whether their measures will create wanted goods and wanted services or whether these policies will create unwanted useless products and unwanted useless services.

GDP distorted thinking
Governments and politicians are delighted when they have created another few million jobs. They do not differentiate between useless unproductive jobs (such as dirty paper making jobs)  or jobs that actually create wanted useful consumer products and services that people desire to consume and pay money for.

Goods and Bads
We have a choice to use available working hours to produce desired Goods and Services and improve the economy or we can waste the available working hours and squander them on producing un-desired bads and disservices or produce nothing at all while still getting paid for the hours they spend. 

The biggest single mistake
For example all the the governments at all levels of jurisdiction have created all the insane tax systems that absorb between 12% and 16% of the available working hours in the United States. What a waste of human energy and working time. A brilliant tax reform proposal can replace this insanity overnight and involve less than 0.1% of the working population. That creates of course a temporary problem of having to create new more productive jobs for these 12% to 16% of people that are currently doing useless unproductive tax related jobs that are not merely useless but also are very destructive jobs to the economy. So the economy would even benefit greatly if these 12% to 16% of useless destructive jobs would be replaced with harmless public works jobs such as planting flowers on both sides and the middle dividers of the highways and freeways or filling all the potholes in streets and painting and perfectly maintaining all bridges and public parks, harbors airports etc..  

Brilliant Economics to the rescue
If we use our time to create products and services that consumers desire and like to spend their money on, we are helping the economy and we are increasing the standard of living because we are creating something of value, we are creating wealth. We increase the value of money because we increase the available supply of products and services that are desired by  the consumers. More goods and services competing for the available consumer money will increase the buying power of money. It will actually create deflation. 

If we use our time to create useless undesired products and useless services that consumers do not like to spend their money on, we are hurting the economy and we are lowering the standard of living because we are creating nothing of worth. That way we decrease the value of money because we create useless unwanted products and services that are not desired by consumers. The people that waste their working hours on these undesired products and undesired disservices will earn wages and will with these wages compete as consumers for the desired products and desired services and that will drive the consumer price up on those products and services that consumers want and creates inflation. But it is still better than not employing people. They will still get paid for their hours and they can spend that money on consuming the products and services they desire.

Stupid Government policies
The role of government is to create the most prosperous economy with the highest production of desired products and desired services and a safe and clean environment to work in. Governments tend to do the exact opposite by creating many rules and regulations and mandating mountains of paperwork for business people to waste many of their available working hours on.


A smooth running well lubricated wealth machine

How to turn the economy into a well oiled wealth producing machine? With Brilliant Economics it is easy because it explains the basic simple rules that govern the workings of the economy and avoid all the absurd nonsense that is part of current Mediocre Economics.